• How to choose the right shoes size for your kid

      A child's feet keep growing every day. It is a good idea to measure the length of the foot every three months. In that way you will know that the shoes your child uses are not too tight.

      Make a point of buying shoes in the afternoon because the feet swell during the day.

      Do not rely on the thumb test as your child tries his shoes on. Pressing the tip of the shoe is not method that you can rely on. Children will automatically pull back their toes as soon as they feel the pressure. This can trick you into believing that the shoes are too large.

      Shoes should be a little longer (6-7 mm) than the foot because it is constantly growing. Also, the front part should be large so that the child can freely wiggle his toes.

      The best shoes are those that fit the feet's national movements, not those that the feet should adapt to.

      Do not forget that a playing child needs flexible shoe soles that will not slip.

      Apart from being comfortable and safe, children's shoes must also negotiate puddles, provide stability as the child runs, jumps, and climbs, and keep the feet warm and dry.

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