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      For kids who crawl, stand up and make their first attempts to walk we have SLIPPERS. They are extremely light, flexible and soft, they are easy to put on thanks to the zipper which embraces the whole foot and they are the best choice for parents who want the feet of their child to grow following the natural movements typical for every little foot.

      For toddlers insecure in their first independent steps we develop a special series of shoes with additionally strengthened heel support for more stability and correct position of the feet. These shoes are equipped with flexible and light soles providing the children feet with full comfort.

      Children age 4 to 6 years old going to kindergarten are most active in their games. They are also the first ones who actively start choosing their own shoes. The biomechanics of their feet and the numerous movements they make every day define the domination of sports models in the collection designed for them.

      The adventures of the little ladies and gentlemen already going to school take place in the schoolyard. Their shoes should provide an all-day protection and comfort for the feet as well as cutting edge modern design which is a part of their everyday life. These are exactly the criteria that our specialists follow when designing shoes for schoolchildren.

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