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      Kolev and Kolev innovative and unique toddlers’ shoes are a trade mark for the company. Our toddlers’ shoes are suitable for crawling and for these important first unsecure steps. The shoes are extremely lightweight, flexible and soft. They are easy to put on due to the innovative full zip closure which goes all the way through the sole. The construction of our toddlers’ shoes is specially developed to follow the natural movements of babies’ feet and allow them to grow freely without hurting the delicate feet bones and structure. The shoes have rubber sole with full zip all the way through the shoe and the sole, which is innovative technology developed by Kolev and Kolev. The shoes are so popular that every second baby in Bulgaria has made the first steps wearing Kolev and Kolev toddlers’ shoes. These shoes are so unique that every toddler gets to use them so quickly - once tried they become the preferred choice for first independent walking steps.

      With its wider front part the shoes guaranteed enough space for feet movements and optimal comfort. The fine materials from which the shoes are manufactured are tender to the gentle skin and are non allergic. They are Nickel and Chrome 6 free. All the zip ends are plastic in accordance with the children safety regulations.

      The upper layer of the shoes is made from microfiber, which is extremely durable and could easily be cleaned with water and detergent. KK toddlers’ shoes are produced with regularly updated modern design in trendy pallet colors, which is to meet the requirements of every parent and to be a trusted companion for baby’s first steps.

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